Concentrated Expertise

The Board of Directors, Supervisory Board and Department Management are your contact partners for your strategic or professional questions.


Ralf-Peter Koschny CRE FRICS

Ralf-Peter Koschny
Dipl.-Ing. Stadtplanung (Town Planning)
CEO, development of new business lines
Analysis and concepts
Portfolio, valuations, transactions
Managing Director of bulwiengesa appraisal GmbH
Hamburg Office

Ralf-Peter Koschny is Chairman of the Board of Directors of bulwiengesa AG and responsible for retail and leisure.

As part of his activities with bulwiengesa, he is engaged in numerous national and international associations and societies, such as the German Council of Shopping Centers, the International Council of Shopping Centers and the Counselors of Real Estate. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (FRICS).

Ralf-Peter Koschny has been a senior manager of bulwiengesa since 1995. He previously worked as a town planner for FPB (Freie Planungsgruppe Berlin GmbH) and as a project manager for the City of Hamburg’s Department of Business Development.

Thomas Voßkamp

Thomas Voßkamp
Diplom-Geograph (Geography)
Finance, planning, technology and skills management
Data, market research
Munich Office

Thomas Voßkamp is responsible as a Board Director for data structures and applications, forecasting, portfolio methodology, quality assurance and finance/ financial controlling.

Since 1993 he has been involved in launching and developing specialist databases for the real estate industry. The RIWIS Online portal has played a central role in data and knowledge management.

Thomas Voßkamp has been with bulwiengesa for over 20 years and on the Board of Directors since 2006. He was previously active in industry in the area of acquisition/finance. Among other credentials, he has a degree in geography and further qualifications in economic geography and economics.

Andreas Schulten

Andreas Schulten
Diplom-Geograph (Geography)
Brand licensing, media, communication
Managing Director of Zivilarena GmbH
Berlin Office

Andreas Schulten has been working for bulwiengesa AG for more than 25 years and is now fully authorised representative of bulwiengesa. He maintains close relationships to industry associations, and sits on the board of the “gif” research society for the real estate industry. Not least because he is a frequent presenter at conventions and forums, his sphere of ownership includes to a large extent the communication of bulwiengesa with partners, the media, and the real estate industry in general.

Andreas Schulten has held teaching posts at REMI at EBS, IREBS and teaches on the REM programme at TU Berlin.

Bernhard H. Hansen

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Bernhard H. Hansen has been a member of the Supervisory Board of bulwiengesa AG since 2010 and its Chairman since 2018.

Since 1992, among other activities, Bernhard H. Hansen has been a property developer with Deutsche Bank AG, Managing Director of Deutsche Interhotel Holding GmbH & Co. KG, a member of the Board of Directors of DB Station & Service AG, Chairman of the Management of Vivico and member of the Board of Directors of CA Immo.

In addition to other roles, he is on the Executive Committee of the ZIA German Property Federation and on the Advisory Board of IREBS.

Hartmut Bulwien FRICS

Honorary Member of the Supervisory Board

Hartmut Bulwien was Chairman of the Supervisory Board of bulwiengesa AG from 2009 to 2018.
In 1983 he founded the company's predecessor in Munich and acted in a managerial capacity, lastly as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, until he moved to the Supervisory Board.

Hartmut Bulwien is a Fellow of RICS, an honorary member of IMMOEBS and a council member of the Deutscher Verband. He has played a prominent role in the gif Society of Property Researchers, Germany, which he co-founded and served on the Board as Chairman.

Hartmut Bulwien has held teaching posts at several colleges (including EBS, IREBS, HfWU Geislingen, the Bauakademie Biberach, DIA Freiburg and TU Munich) and has frequently been invited as a guest speaker at various events.

Barbara Deisenrieder

Member of the Supervisory Board

Barbara Deisenrieder has been on the Supervisory Board of bulwiengesa AG since 2013.

Having received her professional training in the real estate sector at Erste Allgemeine Versicherung AG in Munich, and having completed degree programs both in business administration and in several real-estate-related fields, she served as executive assistant at Generali Lloyd AG, and as Managing Director of General Immobilien GmbH.

Moreover, Barbara Deisenrieder has taught the subjects portfolio management and asset management at the International Real Estate Business School (IREBS) and the German Association for Financial Analysis and Investment Consultancy (DVFA) for many years, and sits on diverse advisory boards.

Dr. Peter Christian Schmidt

Dr. Peter Christian Schmidt
Member of the Supervisory Board

Dr. Peter Christian Schmidt has been a member of the Supervisory Board of bulwiengesa AG since 2018.

Dr. Schmidt has been a registered lawyer since 1994 and, since 2011, a partner in the Hamburg office of Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek, a major German business law firm. Previously, he worked for various law firms in Hamburg and Cologne. His focus is on advising on M & A transactions and corporate law.

André Adami

André Adami
Dipl.-Ing., Dipl.-Wirtschaftsing. (FH) (Business Engineering)
Prokurist (Authorised signatory)
T +49 30 27 87 68 0

André Adami is head of Residential Berlin at bulwiengesa AG.

His duties include providing analyses, valuations and consultations for all types of housing sector issues. His particular focus is on market and location analysis for new rental and owner-occupied housing developments.

André Adami has been at bulwiengesa AG since 2007 and previously worked for several years with the rating agency Scope as an analyst for closed real estate funds.

Andrea Back-Ihrig

Andrea Back-Ihrig
Dipl.-Geografin (Geography), CSCM
Prokurist (Authorised signatory)
T +49 69 75 61 46 762

Andrea Back-Ihrig is an authorized signatory and works as division manager retail in the Frankfurt office of bulwiengesa.

In the Retail segment, she manages the Central region. Its tasks include analysis, evaluation and advice on all retail issues for both contracting authorities and the private sector. In addition, she deals with analyzes of the residential and commercial market as well as special questions.

She has been with bulwiengesa since 1992 and previously worked for a trading company.

Marcus Badmann FRICS

Marcus Badmann
Dipl.-Ing. Civil Engineering
öbuv. expert for real estate valuation
Real Estate Valuer HypZert (F)
Managing Director bulwiengesa appraisal GmbH
T +49 69 75 61 46 760

Marcus Badmann is responsible for the preparation of market and mortgage lending valuations according to national and international procedures for individual properties and portfolios of all types of use.

He has more than 20 years of experience in the field of real estate valuation and real estate consulting and is deputy chairman of the RICS Professional Group Valuation as well as a member of the audit committees of RICS and HypZert GmbH.

He has been with bulwiengesa AG since 2016. Prior to that, he was authorised signatory of DTZ Zadelhoff Tie Leung GmbH and worked for several real estate consulting companies and banks.

Silvia Beck

Silvia Beck
Dipl.-Geografin (Geography), Immobilienökonomin IREBS (Real Estate)
Office, Logistics, Residential, Appraisal
Appraiser bulwiengesa appraisal GmbH
Branch manager Frankfurt/Main
T +69 75 61 46 760

Silvia Beck is the branch manager in Frankfurt am Main and is responsible for analysis and consulting services in the commercial and residential segments in the Central region.

She has been with bulwiengesa since 2012. Previously, she worked as a research analyst at DTZ Zadelhoff Tie Leung.

Björn Bordscheck

Björn Bordscheck
Dipl.-Geograf (Geography)
Real Estate Databases
Keyaccount RIWIS
T +49 89 23 23 76 0

Björn Bordscheck is the manager and sales contact for the Data Services and Solutions business unit.

His focus lies on the professional, structured provision and development of (real estate) market data and the implementation of services based on this, which include the RIWIS/RIWIS Online products.

He has been with bulwiengesa since 2013.

Sven Carstensen MRICS

Sven Carstensen MRICS
Dipl.-Kaufmann (FH), Immobilienökonom (ebs) (Business Administration & Real Estate)
Office and Investment
Managing Director bulwiengesa appraisal GmbH
Prokurist (Authorised signatory)
Branch Manager Berlin
T +49 30 27 87 68 0

Sven Carstensen manages the Berlin office. He is responsible for conducting analyses and consulting services in the residential and commercial markets.

He has been engaged in the real estate industry since 1995 and has worked with bulwiengesa since 2005. Some of his previous career milestones include positions at Wohnungsgenossenschaft Schifffahrt-Hafen Rostock, Bavaria Objekt- und Baubetreuung and DIBAG Industriebau.

Felix Embacher

Felix Embacher
Dipl.-Geograf (Geography) , Immobilienökonom (IREBS) (Real Estate)
Residential, Student Accommodations and Office
T +49 89 23 23 76 0

Felix Embacher is Head of Master Planning and Conversion Projects and provides services for corporates.

His tasks include consultancy relating to the conversion of large military and industrial structures. In addition, he advises corporates on strategic decisions relating to their properties, management and utilisation. He has been with bulwiengesa since 2006.

Dr. Joseph Frechen

Dr. Joseph Frechen
Dipl.-Kaufmann (Business Administration)
Retail, Investment
Prokurist (Authorised signatory)
Branch Manager Hamburg
T +49 40 42 32 22 0

Dr. Joseph Frechen (Dipl.-Kfm) holds a business degree and is Manager of the Hamburg office and Head of retail.

His responsibilities include analysing and evaluating shopping centres and retail properties, performing market and location analyses and providing market analysis to support retail property development.

Dr. Joseph Frechen has been with bulwiengesa since 2007. He was previously engaged as an Assistant Professor at the University of Saarland and as a consultant in the retail-entertainment and urban-entertainment sector at Wenzel Consulting AG.

Dierk Freitag

Dierk Freitag
Dipl.-Kaufmann (Business Administration)
Retail, Leisure, Hotel
T +49 40 42 32 22 0

Dierk Freitag is responsible for the leisure and hotel markets and is engaged in a managerial capacity in the valuation and analysis of retail properties.

His duties include performing classic market and location analyses, feasibility studies, concept analyses and developing strategic approaches for individual properties and leisure destinations.

Dierk Freitag has been with bulwiengesa since 2007, having previously been engaged as an authorised signatory at Wenzel Consulting AG, in strategic advertising with Otto Versand and in financial control with the Atlantic Hotel, Kempinski.

Andreas Gustafsson

Andreas Gustafsson
Dipl.-Kaufmann (Business Administration)
Retail, Consulting of Local Authorities
T +49 40 42 32 22 0

Andreas Gustafsson is one of the partners and division head for analyses in the retail business area.

Within northern Germany, his main focus is on providing location, market and impact analyses for operators, developers and local authorities, local and regional retail concepts and also customer response analyses for shopping centres.

Andreas Gustafsson has been an employee of bulwiengesa AG, formerly gesa GmbH, since 1994.

Tobias Kassner

Dipl.-Geograf (Geography), Immobilienökonom (IREBS) (Real Estate)
Industrial and Logistics Properties
T +49 40 42 32 22 0

Tobias Kassner is in charge of the industrial and logistics markets.

His consulting services focus on real estate market-related advice for all types of industrial and logistics buildings on industrial parks, ranging from corporate real estate/light industry to pure logistics and cargo handling properties. In addition, Tobias Kassner is the contact for qualitative surveys and indices and strategic target group panels.

Tobias Kassner has been active with bulwiengesa since 2007.

Dr. Heike Piasecki

Residential, Service Proporties
Regional policy
Prokurist (Authorised signatory)
Branch Manager Munich
T +49 89 23 23 76 0

Dr. Heike Piasecki is an authorised signatory and Head of the Munich office. She is responsible for residential markets and service-sector properties.

Her focus is on location assessments, property market analyses and recommendations for utilisation, in particular for housing, service-sector properties and conversion projects, and on empirical market studies. Additional activities include giving lectures as part of executive programmes and professional seminars.

Dr. Heike Piasecki has been with bulwiengesa since 1994.

Franziska Wenzel

Franziska Wenzel
Dipl.-Geografin (Geography)
RIWIS, IT and Data Development
T +49 89 23 23 76 0

Franziska Wenzel is in charge of RIWIS, with an emphasis on IT and data development.

Her consulting services include customer-specific analyses for and together with RIWIS, as well as methodological guidance and support for data-driven processes and workflows in a variety of property market situations.

Franziska Wenzel has been with bulwiengesa since 2000.