“Logistics and Real Estate 2015” – a Survey of Many Perspectives


“Logistics and Real Estate 2015” – a Survey of Many Perspectives

“Logistics and Real Estate 2015” is the first independent survey in Germany that comprehensively analyses the investment class of logistics real estate from a variety of angles. The analytics firm bulwiengesa studied the relevant market movements during the years 2010 to 2015, and evaluated them in four main subject areas, these being “property development,” “construction trends,” “investment” and “financing.”

For the first time, the survey thus provides an overview of the most important players on the diversified German market, and an orientation guideline serving both peer-to-peer and outside audiences. On top of that, it ranks Germany's various logistics regions from the perspective of real estate economics.

Real estate lender Berlin Hyp, prime contractor BREMER, real estate group Goodman, and the real estate consultancy Savills Immobilien Beratung assisted bulwiengesa in designing the survey, and shared valuable insights into their respective market segments.

Market and Location Analysis