High-Rise Office Buildings in Berlin – Update 2016

High-Rise Office Buildings in Berlin – Update 2016

“Yes, but...”, is the short conclusion of the Analysis of Potential for high-rise office buildings in Berlin, which appeared in 2015 under the title “Berlin in Transition – creative, innovative and high?” and was greeted with a resounding response.

This analysis update has been driven by an extreme change in the overall market parameters. As before, the interest shown by German and international players in investing in Germany is on the increase. At the same time there is no end in sight for the office boom in Berlin: demand for office space is extraordinarily robust, driven by the continued strong growth in office employment levels, not least due to Berlin’s position as the principal start-up city with an increasing number of high growth companies in the digital sector. The supply of new office space lags well behind the level of demand. The result: extremely low vacancy rates and rising market rents.

This update of the Analysis of Potential is intended to assist in defining the overall principles for high-rise office development within such an important context.

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