Logistics and Real Estate 2016

Logistics and Real Estate 2016

The logistics business counts among the key components of the larger economy. Rather than linking production and consumption only, it has long started providing additional production-related services as well. This has made logistics a basic component of the production and value chain – an evolution facilitated by logistics real estate.

For the time being, however, Germany's logistics real estate market remains rather opaque. This is why five partners – Berlin Hyp, Bremer, Goodman, Savills and bulwiengesa – joined forces to enhance the transparency of the market by launching a survey series whose findings are published in the “Logistics and Real Estate” periodical.

Its second issue now provides updates while resuming the discussion of relevant contents. At the same time, subjects and methods are adjusted to reflect the latest impulses. Key topics such as development, investment, funding and scoring are carried forward but share a common theme: Which drivers influence the demand for logistics floor space, and how do the shifted requirements impact the actual logistics assets? The survey does not limit itself to outlining purely quantitative developments, but includes many contributions by hands-on practitioners – from property developers to investors, and all the way to the occupiers of logistics real estate – who share their views regarding the expectations logistics asset will have to meet in the future. The statements are supplemented by expert panels who were also asked for their assessments.

Contact: Tobias Kassner, kassner [at] bulwiengesa.de, phone +49 (0)30 - 2787 6823

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