Logistics and Real Estate 2017

Logistics and Real Estate 2017

Germany's logistics real estate market remains rather opaque. This is why five partners – Berlin Hyp, Bremer, Goodman, Savills and bulwiengesa – joined forces to enhance the transparency of the market by launching a survey series whose findings are published in the “Logistics and Real Estate” periodical.

“City Logistics. With new Ideas in the City” – that's the focus of the third issue. One of the key drivers of this development is the steadily growing e-commerce sector. However, the logistics requirements of the ever faster delivery times in online retailing still lack decisive solution approaches and, above all, the real estate truly needed in city logistics. 
As the requirements of the expanding e-commerce sector keep growing, logistics operators face increased expectations to shorten the geographic distance to the end-customer. Going forward, city logistics will therefore require new approaches to address the need for smaller innovative properties.

What sort of conclusions are experts and practitioners currently deriving for city logistics? Which testing grounds are on the minds of all practitioners? And which properties and collaboration solutions satisfy the requirements of city logistics? Aside from discussing the latest trends in conventional logistics, this survey focuses on the complex subject area of city logistics, which urgently requires market-ready answers and requires them soon.

You can download the survey for free.

Contact: Tobias Kassner, kassner [at] bulwiengesa.de, phone +49 (0)30 - 2787 6823

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