UI Insight #2 Magazine

UI Insight #2 Magazine

On the US and UK real estate markets, light industrial properties are nothing exotic but have been established for a long time and remain a popular investment objective then as now. The German “Unternehmensimmobilien” category of multi-use and multi-let commercial real estate has caught up lately, and the massive portfolio acquisitions by foreign investors as well as the steadily hardening cap rates suggest as much.

These are the key findings of the second issue of the magazine UI Insight #2 with its focus topic of „Germany in the Focus of Foreign Investors“.

From the content:

  • Alistair Marks, Chief Financial Officer of Sirius, writes about the potential of the asset class corporate real estate for domestic and foreign investors
  • Analytics: German corporate real estate in a global context
  • Martin Czaja, spokesman for the board of BEOS AG, talks about business with international investors



At the moment, INITIATIVE UNTERNEHMENSIMMOBILIEN is made up of eleven member companies active on the German market for the multi-use, multi-let commercial real estate called “Unternehmensimmobilien”— ATOS/Corestate, Aurelis, BEOS, Cromwell Property Group, Garbe Industrial Real Estate, Geneba Properties, GSG Berlin, Investa, SEGRO, Siemens and Sirius.
Their common objective is to enhance the transparency of this market segment and thereby to facilitate access to the asset class. For this purpose, a reporting system was set up in collaboration with bulwiengesa whose purpose is to evaluate all of the transaction and letting data made available by initiative members. Investors and market analysts are regularly briefed about the sector’s trading volume and performance. The vehicle of choice for this purpose is the market report published twice a year.

Contact: Tobias Kassner, kassner [at] bulwiengesa.de, Phone +49 (0)40-42 32 22-20

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