Competent down to the last detail

For over 30 years, bulwiengesa's analysts have been defining clear strategic directions in the property market with continued competence and precision in data analysis. The company’s consulting, data and analysis services are in demand from asset managers, either from local government, the private property sector or industry, who are looking to maintain and enhance property values. bulwiengesa is one of the major, independent consulting companies in continental Europe, owned by its employees and, possessing excellent property market knowledge with a good track record in providing a broad range of services to key decision makers.

Competent down to the last detail


Focus on a thematic approach

Real estate projects are multi-faceted. The use of key data and a methodical approach ensures not only reliable analyses of individual properties, but also complex mass valuations for all real estate segments.



We create transparency in order to describe real estate markets, evaluate investments and recognise potential. You can find our data services below.


Best Advice

We will support you along the whole property value chain, from the planning and construction phases to conversion and restructuring.