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bulwiengesa is one of the major, independent consulting companies in continental Europe. For over 30 years we have supported our partners and clients in real estate related questions. We offer sound data services, provide strategic advice and conduct bespoke surveys, analyses and valuations. Our clients are, among others, real estate developers, contractors, institutional investors, banks, local communities and asset managers.


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Logistics Screening 2014

Developer of Logistics Buildings in Germany

Construction activity decreases by 5 percent in 2014 despite higher demand

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A unique phenomenon

Poland is currently top of the ratings for real estate attractiveness in the European Union.

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A smart revival

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the "Baltic Tigers," are climbing back from economic lows.

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Restoring investor confidence

These are difficult times for Turkey.

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Coming out from under

Eastern Europe is a big place and its emerging economies have much to offer.

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Too much trouble

Can investors profit from the impasse between Russia and Ukraine?